Exhilarating! This book is absolutely amazing!
Sensual, sexy, spiritual. Mary Helen
takes you places you have longed
for with a command of the English language
that will take your breath away.
— J. Clegg, 2006
Navajo Heat
By Mary Helen Madrid-Null

Navajo Heat
by Mary Helen Madrid-Null

EAST MEETS WEST in this unforgettable story. NAVAJO HEAT is a sexy, savvy, page-turner that immerses you into the Beauty Way: the Life, Love and Compassion of the Navajo Nation. It has it ALL. Police Chief Ben Tsosi, of Tuba City, the only son of a WWII Code Talker, is a Vietnam War Vet and former Navy SEAL with a secret, black ops life.The Chief appreciates the talents of his forensic wizard, the Indian Health Clinic's psychologist, Dr. T.R. von Prospel. The Doc teams-up with the Chief creating the magic blend against crime in a 9/11 terror world. However, she is a Buddhist, an Ecumenical Minister, and volunteers as a death row spiritual adviser and execution witness ---for Navajo inmates.

Passion flows from these characters. NAVAJO HEAT is an American story. It can be soul-healing while thrilling you in an action-packed drama. THIS  BOOK GOES WHERE TONY HILLERMAN COULD NEVER...go!




"Navajo Heat is a fabulous read"
by Mia McDonald, an avid 
reader, 10/28/2006:

From the first page Navajo Heat 
grabs your attention and keeps it. 
You begin to care about the 
characters from the very beginning. 
Being an avid reader there are 
usually one or two parts in any book 
that loses my attention. Not so with 
Navajo Heat, the love story is 
amazing, the emotions jumping off 
the pages, the sensuality is 
amazing, culminating in some of the 
hottest loves scenes i've read. Mary 
Helen Madrid-Null writes with such 
respect and love for the Navajo 
culture and Customs, she truly is 
one of todays most gifted writers. I 
highly recommend this book, it 
really is a fabulous read!

Exhilarating, October 15, 2006
By  J. Clegg -

This book is absolutely amazing! 
Sensual, sexy, spiritual. Mary Helen 
takes you places you have longed 
for with a command of the English 
language that will take your breath 
away. She takes her experiences 
as a critical care nurse and critical 
incident stress specialist and 
applies them in a way few people 
can. The characters literally leap out 
of the pages and into your mind. If 
you are a fan of Tony Hillerrman, 
you will definitely become a fan of 
Mary Helen's. Your journey will take 
you where few others have dared to 


"Navajo Heat is hot, hot, hot!"  
by Carole Levine, the editor of 
NativeVue online, 11/03/2006:

How can you resist? A 
hotter-than-hell former Navy Seal 
and sultry reverend steaming up the 
dry desert. Plenty of romance, 
intrigue and cultural authenticity to 
keep you riveted in this well-crafted 
drama based on the Navajo Nation. 
Author Madrid-Null has done her 
homework--the Dine' references 
and phrases she employs 
throughout are dead-on and never 
exploitative. Also refreshing is the 
fact that both hotties 
are...Omigod...over the age of 50! 
An age that popular culture typically 
eschews or ignores completely. 
There's no doubt Madrid-Null knows 
how to weave a story and yeah, the 
lovin' is pretty durn' good too. 
Would make a terrific film...:)

Alzi Clanton, A reviewer and 
biographer, 11/12/2006:

Navajo Heat is the story of a 
couple, both over 50, that come 
together after years of dedication to 
careers to find that life can begin 
again and again. From the 
movement you open the book, you 
are taken on an adventure that 
spans over many settings, beliefs, 
and life experiences. The author 
has taken her time to research 
about what she has written. This 
reflects in the verbiage. An exciting, 
sexy adventure. This book will leave 
you wanting more.

"Navajo Heat is intense", 
October 29, 2006 by  Mia 
McDonald (Enumclaw, Wa USA)

I am an avid reader and I haven't 
read a book that grabbed my 
attention so quickly. From the first 
page you begin to feel like you've 
known the characters personally. 
You feel their joys, their sorrows, 
their deep abiding love for one 
another, the sexual tension that 
culminates in some of the most 
sensual love scenes I've read. Mary 
Helen Madrid-Null writes these 
characters from her heart. You 
begin to feel as though you're a part 
of the story as it leaps from the 
pages to pull you in. Mary Helen 
Madrid-Null is truly a gifted writer, 
knowledgeable and sensitive to the 
Navajo culture and it's customs. 
Using her own past experiences in 
critical care, and end of life issues, 
as well as being a Death Specialist 
herself, she uses these 
experiences to bring the story of 
Ben and Theresa to life, making 
both the characters and story 3 
dimensional instead of just 
characters on a page. I am truly 
excited to see what the next stage 
will be for these characters as they 
continue on the path that has been 
destined for them.